This Is the Best Road Trip Map for Anyone Who Wants to Eat Their Way Across the U.S. (Video)

It's one of the most important questions you have to ask yourself on a road trip: Where are we going to eat?

Don't worry, Orbitz has you covered. No matter where you're driving to.

The travel fare aggregator has crafted the ultimate trip planner for foodies who want to get the best the U.S. has to offer in terms of local fare. And, they'll tell you the best route to get there.

The Ultimate Foodie Road Trip feature on the Orbitz website maps out the very best restaurants in each state serving the most delicious local fare. On the website, you can either search alphabetically or use the map to chart out your journey.

The best part of the trip planner is that it takes you through every state in the contiguous U.S., so you can start anywhere.

Each state has one or more restaurants listed that serve the quintessential dish that the locals love. In New York, you'll find a place for pizza, a place for bagels, and a place for eggs benedict. In New Hampshire, you'll find the ultimate lobster roll. In Michigan, prepare yourself for the best cider donuts. In Louisiana, you'll find some life-changing jambalaya and gumbo. And, of course, in California, you can treat yourself to some fish tacos.

The road trip planner basically takes you in a big circle across the country, so it's easy to map out where you want to go and find your way back.

Just remember, a 48-state drive is going to take a very long time. But trust us, the food will be worth it, and we can give you a lot of tips on how to plan a great road trip.

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