Traveling Couple and School Bus
Credit: Courtesy of Fern the Bus

One Michigan couple is taking the #VanLife movement to new heights with their stunning school bus transformation.

Ben and Mande Tucker, from Holland, Michigan, recently purchased — and ripped apart — a 1992 International bus and turned it into a magnificent campervan.

“Several years ago, I renovated and retrofitted a school bus with two of my best friends to fit the lifestyle we were living,” Ben told the Daily Mail about the inspiration for his new creation. “We called it The Lost Bus, LOST is an acronym for Lending Our Services Traveling and spent a year and a half volunteering across the country, meeting wonderful people and finding adventure along the way.”

When Ben and Mande found the 24-foot out-of-commission school bus, they saw it as the opportunity they had been waiting for to both connect with each other and with nature.

“In a small space, you're more tuned in with nature. We adapt to the natural rhythms of day and night and the mood of the weather,” Ben said.

The interior was transformed to look like the perfect cabin retreat with wood paneled walls, a gleaming white stove, navy blue cushioned couches, and a plush white bed in the back for the couple to rest their heads at night after a long day of adventuring.

The outside of the bus was equally updated to an eye-catching mint green hue, which is perhaps why the couple lovingly refer to the bus as “Fern.”

According to Ben, he and his wife have already traveled an estimated 4,000 miles in their updated ride. He added that they plan to travel to Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Canada.

Traveling Couple Portrait
Credit: Courtesy of Fern the Bus

“The bus is unique enough that people are drawn to approach it, pop their head in to say hello and chat for a while,” Ben said. “People everywhere have been warm and kind and hospitable. We're so refreshed and optimistic because of the people.”

Check out more of the couple’s travels on Instagram here.