This definitely beats making your dad carry your dorm dresser up to the fifth floor.
Chinese Father Daughter College Road Trip Seattle University
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After 108 days on the road, globetrotting father-daughter pair Huang Haitao and Huang Xinyi have finally arrived at their final destination: orientation.

Back in May, the duo set out on the ultimate adventure, road-tripping from their home in Nanjing in Eastern China to Xinyi’s college of choice, Seattle University, the South China Morning Post reports.

The decision to drive (and eventually fly) the 18,642 miles from their home to her college came after Haitao promised to personally take his daughter to school if she were accepted into an American university. According to the Yangtze Evening News, the pair traveled through 26 countries, making stops in Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Switzerland, Austria, and many other new destinations. Once they reached the U.K., they boarded a plane to the U.S., shipping their car by boat overseas, and eventually picking up the road trip again on American soil. They drove along the historic Route 66 to Los Angeles before heading north to Seattle.

“The world is so large,” Xinyi told the South China Morning Post. “At the same time we are seeing the world, we should also use our own efforts to help the world understand China, giving this trip more meaning.”

As Mashable reports, this isn’t the father-daughter team’s first stint with epic road trips. They previously traveled across the North Pole together when Xinyi took a year off from school, and have taken long road trips around Asia with Xinyi’s mother as well.

Therefore, once Xinyi had been admitted to S.U., her father immediately began planning their trip, putting in the necessary work to obtain visas and other permissions to visit every country on their list. They finally arrived at the college on September 11.

For Xinyi’s father, the road trip was an important experience to share with his daughter before sending her off into adulthood.

"After she goes to college, there won't really be many opportunities in future for me to spend so much time with her," Mashable translated from the Yangtze Evening News. "She'll have her own life, so the least I can do is send her onto the next chapter of her life."

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