Car fanatics checking out New York's General Motors building can also pop into the just-opened Porsche Design store (624 Madison Ave.; 800/521-5152; on the ground floor. Housed in a sleek space created by architect Matteo Thun, the shop is not a depot for branded knickknacks, but a source of exclusive products from top design firms—Eterna watches, Ferragamo luggage—required by every driver in pursuit of the luxury lifestyle.

Porsche Design Store

Located on the ground floor of the General Motors building, this state-of-the-art shop sells high-tech gadgets and menswear inspired by the eponymous luxury car. Designed by Italian architect Matteo Thun, the store itself features color-changing illuminated walls and a touch-activated table with three plasma screens that play a short film about any item placed upon the table’s surface. This innovative setting is an ideal background for the shop’s collection, which combines classic style with cutting-edge technology. The inventory includes Ferragamo luggage, Eterna watches, waterproof leather jackets, and pens made from the piping in a Porsche engine.