Looks like Ritz-Carlton is already making a run for the 2015 SMITTY Awards. The brand just launched “Your Memories,” an image-based social network where guests can share their favorite vacation moments, and future travelers can preview the hotel experience.

The constantly updating, tiled photo stream showcases snapshots and video shared by guests on Twitter and Instagram with the #RCMemories hashtag. Users can also submit photos for display directly through the website.

“The Ritz-Carlton brand is positioned on our ability to create memories for our guests. The number one way travelers share their memories is with photos in social media,” said Clayton Ruebensaal, Ritz-Carlton’s vice president of global marketing. “This brings those two things together by pulling the curtain back on the real live memory making at our hotels.”

Even if you’re not headed to a Ritz-Carlton property anytime soon, the mosaic-like display is still worth a click for the wanderlust inspiration. See for yourself at

Caroline Hallemann is an assistant digital editor at Travel + Leisure. You can find her on Twitter at @challemann.