Like most people, my phone is always with me, and serves as my primary camera for spur-of-the-moment pics. But as a Blackberry user, while the image quality is amazing (for a phone), there aren’t any fun bonus features that come with it.

So I was really excited when I got the opportunity to try two attachable cell phone lenses from Photojojo. One is a fisheye lens (think: peephole effect); the other is a combination wide angle/macro lens (macro lets you get real close to objects). They’re simple to attach to any phone; the lenses come with a small metal ring that you stick on to your phone, around the camera. The magnetic lenses stick to the ring. (And they're pretty strong, too.)

I shot the above image 6th Ave. last night with the fisheye lens. The image below lets you see what photos look like with and without the wide angle/macro lens. (The left two are without the lens; the right two are with.) The top two were taken with my colleague’s phone, which actually has a macro setting—she has a Droid—but as you can see, even that doesn’t allow it to focus on a close-up object, as it does with the attachment. The bottom two were taken with my Blackberry. As you can see, the wide angle not only lets you capture more, but the color is a bit more vibrant. (This is probably because it lets more light in.)

I’m not going to say this is the perfect cell phone accessory, though it is pretty cool. One drawback: while it’s simple to attach to your camera, that metal ring—which has about a 1/3" diameter—could be a problem depending on your phone. On my Blackberry, for example, the ring overlaps part of the battery cover. On the Droid, the ring nearly completely covered the flash.

But at $20 for the wide angle/macro and $25 for the fisheye (or $40 for both), you can’t complain too much. Buy it here.

Joshua Pramis is an associate online editor and resident tech guru at Travel + Leisure.

Images courtesy of Joshua Pramis and Lyndsey Matthews.