Here’s some good news about airlines (after my colleague Mark Orwoll’s posts on charging for bathroom access and for carry-ons, we could really use it): according to a March report by SITA, a company that specializes in aviation IT, only 25 million bags were lost in airports around the world in 2009—that’s a 23.8 percent drop from 2008, and over 40 percent less “mishandled” (a.k.a. lost) luggage than in the year before.

Of course, these figures might have more to do with decreased numbers of travelers (due to the global recession) than with spectacularly improved handling at airports. Also, the practice of charging for checked baggage has blossomed over the past few years, which would inevitably lead to fewer lost bags (I believe I’m the only passenger capable of losing a carry-on).

But, hey, good news is good news. And when it comes from the airlines, we’ll take it!

Catesby Holmes is an assistant research editor at Travel + Leisure.