I'm into breakfast. Really, really into breakfast. If I had to pick my last meal on earth, it would be eggs and bacon, some steaming hot coffee, and a bloody mary. It's just so satisfying.

So my world was rocked recently on a trip to Berlin. Of course, German breakfasts are known for being terrific, with everything made from milk being extra delicious there. Coffee is taken very seriously in Germany. The bread is famously yummy. Anything pork—fuggedaboutit. And there's a German delicacy called quark—a cross between cream cheese and sour cream—that's usually mixed with fresh herbs and the perfect companion to smoked salmon. Last weekend, all of these stars came together in one delicious constellation.

My beau and I were walking on a favorite street called Oderbergerstrasse, in Prenzlauer Berg. It's a beautiful, leafy, cobblestoned street that mostly lay in ruin during the DDR years—a street that perfectly embodies the mayor of Berlin's famous tagline "poor but sexy." A cafe caught our eye: Entweder Oder (Oderberger Straße 15, 10435 Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, 49-30/448-1382). Everyone sitting there had a smile on their face, and a cheery little chalkboard notified us that breakfast was served until 3 p.m. (We had technically already eaten breakfast that day at Cafe Einstein, but no matter). So, we sat down and ordered the "Oderbergerstrasse breakfast for 2."

What came forth was literally the breakfast of my dreams:

Now, German breakfasts are a DIY deal, but I love the interactive aspect of getting just the right combination of butter, soft-cooked egg, cheese, and ham onto my piece of vollkornbrötchen. Making the perfect bite becomes a quest all its own. The fresh melon, berries, and kumquats served as palate-cleansers in between rich bites.

Did I mention this whole cornucopia of awesomeness only costs about $20 for two people?

So let breakfast at Entweder Oder be Reason Number 1001 to visit Berlin right now. Or, if you're me, Reason Number One.

Whitney Lawson is the photo editor at Travel + Leisure.