Aspen has always set the standard when it comes to ski fashion—only this season, snow bunnies are taking their cues from the staff. Nearly everyemployee on the slopes, from lift operators to instructors, is being outfitted head to toe in stylish red and black uniforms from Ralph Lauren's RLX line (jacket, $595; pants, $395; available at select Ralph Lauren stores and at Sure, the suits are packed with clever features, such as seamless fabrics and Recco reflective avalanche safety patches. But they're as much about fashion as function, designed to emphasize every ripped muscle. Civilian schussers can snap up a version of the jacket sans white cross: it still has the Gore-Tex exterior and that futuristic avalanche-safety system, plus body vents for movement and breathability. Though wearing the jacket may help your après-ski performance, don't expect it to snag you a free ride with the ski patrol.
—Mark Ellwood