By Stirling Kelso
December 02, 2013

Based in Vienna, Austria, Julian Breitenecker is the founder and CEO of Locca, a technology company that launched LoccaMini, the world’s smallest GPS tracking device. Ideal for checked and carry-on luggage, the 1.7-inch gadget has a 30-day battery life, it’s waterproof and shockproof, and it’s loaded with features such as a motion detector and audio responder that can be managed from your smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Below, Breitenecker, who often jet sets to tech summits in cities like Dublin and Cologne, Germany, tells us more about Locca—and shares his top travel tips.

Q: What inspired you to create the LoccaMini?

A:My motivation wasn’t actually business-based. I was traveling in Tel Aviv and lost my two-year-old son for a few terrifying minutes. I thought about creating a device that could keep track my child’s whereabouts and soon realized it could easily apply to important belongings as well. Locating luggage is one of the most popular uses.

Q: How does the LoccaMini work?

A: You buy the GPS tracking device—which utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy, FSK tracking, AGPS and GSM for global coverage—as well as a monthly membership. Locca will officially launch this December, but you can buy it pre-sale on Indiegogo. You’ll get a 30-percent discount and a complimentary six-month membership.

Q: How can LoccaMini improve the business travel experience?

A: With the LoccaMini, business travelers always know the location of their luggage whether they’re traveling by car, train or plane. Important documents (physical or electronic) are more safe. If your bag is lost or stolen, the police are more likely going to be able to trace it.

Q: What general tips to do you have for frequent business travelers?

A: If you don’t always fly business class, buy a Diners Club Card so you can still access airport lounges. They’re the best place in the airport to relax and work.

Q: What is your airline of choice?

A: I love Air Berlin because it’s inexpensive and convenient for travel throughout Europe.

Q: Do you have a favorite airport?

A: I like Heathrow because it’s well organized and feels like an international hub.

Q: When you fly for business, what do you always have in your carry-on?

A: My Mac laptop, my tablet, a picture of my wife and kids and paper and pen for spontaneous ideas.

Q: Any packing tips?

A: I always have extra business cards in reserve. And of course, always carry a Locca in your bag.