For his new documentary, Life in a Day, director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) teamed up with YouTube users to create a crowd-sourced 90-minute snapshot of 24 hours around the world. T+L checks in.

Q: Why did you make the film?
To look at the nuanced details of people’s existences in different places. Instead of the Pyramids, you see a graveyard in Cairo, where people actually live.

Q: Did any of the videos make you want to travel?
There’s footage from Angola of women singing as they grind corn. I would go just to hear that music.

Q: Which customs did you find the most fascinating?
In Germany, people smash crockery before a wedding.

Q: You’re Scottish. What do you miss most from your native land?
The southern part of Loch Lomond. From there, you can canoe out to Inchmurrin Island, which is incredibly romantic.

Q: In the film, people reveal the contents of their pockets. What do you take with you?
I’m a be-prepared-for-anything person—I pack shorts for Germany in December. And I always carry a tiny Canon camera in my back pocket.