The former queen of mumblecore movies, Greta Gerwig, is now starring in such high-profile projects as Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love (out now). Here, her thoughts on truffles, art, and other Italian greats.

By Howie Kahn
August 30, 2012
Michael Tran/ Getty Images

Where did you stay while filming?

The cast stayed at the Parco dei Principi, near the far side of Villa Borghese. It was very fancy, but old-school, like seventies-style, which makes sense given Woody Allen. It was definitely built when you wanted to use as much chrome as you could get.

In a city full of famous locations, did you have a favorite?

We shot a scene at night in Campo de’ Fiori, a glorious square with a fountain. It was just magical.

And the food?

Sometimes I would walk 40 minutes to Ciampini to have gelato for breakfast. It’s like eating butter with ice cream. And I’d never really had truffles before—? I ate a disgusting amount of them. I would order two pastas at dinner, which is why I’m a little chubby in the film.

Did you take any side trips?

Florence. I’d never seen Michelangelo’s David, which made me cry. It’s so iconic that you don’t expect to have a reaction to it. But you see it and it’s so human. It completely floored me.

Woody Allen seems to be working his way through Europe. Where would you like him to film next?

I’d love to see what he’d do in a movie about Berlin. That would produce great comedy. I watched Bananas again recently and I think he does well in places with less romance. Just imagine: To Berlin with Love from Woody Allen.