Prince Edward Island
may be best known for its Anne of Green Gables lore andMalpeque oysters, but a sleek new boutique hotel—the island's first in 25years—is causing quite a buzz. Located in historic downtown Charlottetown, The Holman Grand Hotel opened in August, after a year of renovation, in the former R.T. Holmandepartment store.

Originally built in the 1850's, the three-story structure wasexpanded to ten floors, making it the tallest building in Charlottetown. The 80guest rooms, tastefully appointed with white duvet-covered beds, localphotography, and island-inspired accent colors (blue for the ocean, red for thesoil, and green for the land), are built around a dramatic seven-story atrium,stretching from the third to the tenth floors. The four top-floor penthousesuites include floor-to-ceiling windows, deep soaking tubs, andwrap-around-terraces offering panoramic views of the harbor and the city'srooftops. Free wi-fi is available throughout, though the third floor atriumlounge is an especially pleasant place to work.

And there is plenty to do in andaround the hotel—guests have access to an indoor pool and fitness center, theadjacent Redwater Rustic Grille, and best of all, an underground passagewayconnecting the hotel to the Confederation Centre of the Arts (an impressivecollection of galleries, restaurants, and performing arts venues) and The Shopsof Confederation Court Mall. Which means you can go see Anne of GreenGables, The Musical without ever stepping outside.

TheHolman Grand Hotel, 123Grafton St., Charlottetown,PEI

Guest-blogger Anna Watson Carl is the author of The Yellow Table.

By Anna Watson and Anna Watson Carl