How’s this for a cool job (or, as he would say, “the greatest job in the world”): Anthropologie buyer-at-large Keith Johnson travels around the globe in search of unusual pieces—furniture, textiles, artwork—to sell at the store. It’s also the premise of my new favorite travel show, Man Shops Globe, debuting tonight at 10 p.m. ET on the Sundance Channel.

In the first episode, Johnson and team peruse the flea markets and antique stores of France, on the hunt for large-scale furniture for Anthropologie locations in North America and in the U.K. (yes, just like Banana Republic did last year, Anthropologie will open its first European outlet later this month on London’s Regent Street). They bargain—sometimes successfully, sometimes not—with dealers between Paris and Provence, and stop at an artist-friend’s home to buy a few paintings along the way.

It’s the perfect entrée for an eclectic eight-episode season: next, Johnson heads to South Africa, followed by Turkey, the Netherlands and Belgium, India, the U.K., Tunisia, and Argentina. He meets local artisans everywhere he goes—from a props dealer in London to a glassblower in Soliman, Tunisia—collaborating with them to re-imagine his objets trouvés, and often commissioning their own work for Anthropologie.

Christine Ajudua is an editorial assistant at Travel + Leisure.