Equal parts genius and this seems so so wrong, there's a new vending machine trend about to sweep the country: Pizza, made from "scratch." That's right, fresh—not frozen—pies made to order at the push of a button.

The brainchild of Italian entrepreneur Claudio Torghel, Let's Pizza is a new vending machine experiment in "fresh" food—and already a mongo hit in Italy, the ultimate proving ground. (See our mention in World's Strangest Vending Machines.) Later this year, units will be installed in U.S. airports, malls, bus stations, and hotels.

The machine actually kneads and rolls the dough, adds your pick of toppings, and bakes the pizza in an infra-red oven—all in 2.5 minutes without a human's touch. A 10-inch pie will cost $5.95. Maybe Let's Cookie is next?

Adrien Glover is deputy digital editor at Travel + Leisure.