Fashion designer Pierre Cardin’s 60-year career is the subject of a book due this year (published by Assouline); the 89 year old designer has several anniversary-related events in store between now and September.

Several years ago, the designer bought the ruins of the legendary chateau Lacoste, in Provence, which was once the property of the Marquis de Sade. This reopened two years ago. Less known is the fact that the designer hosts theater and music festivals there: This year, Jeanne Moreau will open the festivities and star soprano Nathalie Dessaix is slated to perform. Tickets will be available on

But there is more: Not only did Cardin purchase the chateau Lacoste, he bought about 40 houses in the village of Lacoste. He’s already opened a boulangerie, and this summer he will unveil two luxury hotels and several guest rooms; he is also constructing a golf course between Lacoste and Bonnieux.

Tina Isaac is Travel + Leisure's Paris correspondent.