This Hotel in the English Countryside Gives Local Shelter Dogs a Luxury Day Every Month (Video)

Tewkesbury Park knows how to pamper a precious pooch.

Every dog deserves a little pampering once in a while, and shelter dogs are no exception.

In order to give a special treat to dogs in their local shelter, Tewkesbury Park, a dog-friendly Georgian manor hotel in Gloucestershire, England, decided to give a few pups a full day of luxury, according to Metro.

Tewkesbury Park in Gloucestershire offers shelter dogs a luxury hotel stay.
Courtesy of Tewkesbury Park

The hotel teamed up with Cheltenham Animal Shelter and treated three dogs — 16-year-old senior dog Kolo, 9-year-old Tinkerbell, and one-year-old Oreo — to a very nice day of delicious treats and lots of time to play and lounge around with carers from the shelter.

As part of this day of fun, the hotel first arranged for a hearty meal at its Piano Lounge — a dog-friendly restaurant in the hotel, according to Metro. After enjoying a nice roasted dinner, the pups and their carers went on a long walk around Tewkesbury Park’s expansive grounds.

According to Metro, the dogs and their humans had a whopping 164 acres of land to run and play around on.

After a thorough exercise, the pups were given a ride back to the hotel and rested in one of the hotel’s rooms where they had plush, memory foam beds, food and water bowls, and of course, lots of treats, Metro reported. If any of the dogs decided they needed some extra playtime, they could still go outside to run around in the grass.

Tewkesbury Park in Gloucestershire offers shelter dogs a luxury hotel stay.
Courtesy of Tewkesbury Park

Not only is this an excellent way to get shelter dogs some much-needed socialization and exercise, but this program is also especially good for helping older dogs in a way that they can’t receive in a shelter environment.

“As older dogs who need to be rehomed together, Kolo and Tinkerbell have been with us a little while, so it was especially nice for them to have an adventure and to meet new people, we’re very grateful to Tewkesbury Park for spoiling them,” said Peter Newcombe, general manager for Cheltenham Animal Shelter, to Metro.

This special day of luxury happens to a few lucky dogs from the Cheltenham Animal Shelter every month, so all of their dogs can get a little special treatment too, Metro reported. And hopefully, the exposure may also inspire a human to come to adopt one of these adorable pooches.

Tewkesbury Park is also an award-winning dog-friendly hotel, according to Metro. Lots of guests enjoy taking their canine companions to this beautiful hotel for a bit of rest and relaxation in England’s stunning countryside. It even has its own doggie mascot: a very cute Weimaraner puppy named Puddle.

More information about the hotel can be found on the Tewkesbury Park website.

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