Does your pup have what it takes to be a paid furrfluencer?

By Andrea Romano
September 30, 2019
@travelswithcali Dog Influencer
Credit: Courtesy of @travelswithcali

It’s hard to know where the best places to stay with your dog are, but one UK travel company is trying to make it much easier.

When humans are looking to find the best hotels or destinations, we often look to human social media influencers to make the best recommendations. But where does that leave your favorite travel companion — your dog?

UK-based cottage getaway website, Snaptrip, is looking for some canine “furrfluencers” to help you out, Metro reported.

According to the Snaptrip website, the company is hiring two pups (and their lucky humans) to review cottages all over the UK, such as Cornwall, Wales, and the Lake District. The website says Snaptrip has more than 36,000 dog-friendly cottages on their site, so they figured they would get an inside scoop on their cottages from the point of view of the dogs themselves.

“Many dog-owners pick accommodation based on whether they think it’s suitable for their pet, so we think a potential Furrfluencer review system will be really helpful to our customers,” said Matt Fox, CEO, and co-founder of, according to the company’s website.

The perfect canine candidate for the job is a pup with “exquisite taste” and an “eye for detail.” Dogs must be comfortable with travel, in good health, and particularly photogenic. They also must either be between six months and three years or between four and 10 years of age.

The chosen dogs will be able to visit 10 of the company’s properties over the next 12 months, with all expenses paid. At each property, they will be tasked with enjoying all of the perks that the cottage has to offer in order to write a 500-word review (which, of course, will be written by the dog’s human companion). Excellent, Instagram-worthy photos are also a must for each review.

Every review must touch on the following criteria: dog enjoyment, dog practicality, and access to local walks and dog-friendly establishments like pubs and garden spaces, according to the Snaptrip website.

In addition to free vacations, the company is also paying each reviewer £300 (about $369) per review. All reviews will be posted on the company’s blog.

In order to apply, human companions must submit their dogs using an online form. The form will ask for a short answer on why your dog is perfect for the job.

Snaptrip isn’t the only travel website calling on canines to give their best vacation recommendations. also searched for doggie hotel reviewers back in August.