This jet-setting pooch knows how to make traveling a breeze.

Pet Travel by Chloe the Mini Frenchie
Credit: Loni Edwards

It’s not easy being a celebrity, especially if you’re a dog. Chloe the Mini Frenchie may be famous on Instagram—racking up more than 120,000 followers—but with this fame comes the demand for public appearances. As a result, Chloe isn’t just a pretty face in your feed: she’s also a jet-setting pet.

She’s visited five countries, including France, England, and Canada, with her favorite spot so far being Milan. Travel + Leisure was lucky enough to catch up with the popular pooch (and her mom Loni) at the recent PetSmart Media Preview Event in New York, where she shared with us her secrets for making traveling with a pet a breeze.

“The big things to keep in mind are that rules vary a lot depending on the airline, where the airline is based, where you’re going, and if you have a stop over,” Loni said. “You have to abide by all the laws. So, be sure to check all of the vaccinations and the timeline for those vaccinations.”

According to the CDC, it’s best to tell your veterinarian about your travel plans as soon as possible to help facilitate the paperwork and necessary vaccinations and blood tests. Some countries even require notice six months before departure to prove your pet is vaccinated against rabies.

Another step that’s necessary before boarding the plane is determining the weather. “It’s important to be aware of the temperature in the places you’re traveling to,” Loni said. “For example, Frenchies are really sensitive to temperature changes, so when we were traveling around Europe in the summer we brought a special cooling vest and portable fans to make sure she was comfortable.”

Of course you’ll need accommodations that are pet-friendly, so be sure to check a hotel’s exact policy before booking a room. “Dog-friendly means very different things at different hotels,” Loni said. “Sometimes it means they have to be below a certain weight. Or you can have a dog but you can’t leave them alone in the room, which is tough to do when you’re out and about exploring. Definitely do your research.”

Like any celebrity, having the perfect bag is crucial. “She’s been on a plane, a train, a boat; she can travel,” Loni said. “The reason I think she’s so easy is because she’s comfortable in her travel bag. It’s her home and it smells familiar. The toys in there smell like home, so I think that helps when traveling to new places—she always feels safe.”

Along with a slew of adorable Instagram-worthy outfits, Chloe also has some travel necessities to make any journey easy. “She has a collapsible bowl, so it’s easy to feed her on the go, and she has the right clothes to keep her warm or cool her down,” Loni said. “Of course, you can’t forget a leash!”