By Erika Owen
Updated: October 25, 2016
Getty Images/Aurora Creative

After Robert Kugler's dog, Bella, was diagnosed with advanced osteosarcoma and had a front leg amputated last May, she was only given only three-six months to live. Naturally, he decided to take the pup on a trip of a lifetime. In fact, the 9-year-old chocolate lab inspired Krugler to forgo a traditional career path straight out of college and instead take some quality time to bond with his pup while road-tripping across the United States.

The adventure started in Chicago where Kugler, a marine vet, attended the Marine Corps Ball. From there, the duo hit up the northeastern states, followed by a trip south toward Florida. The pair was then called to Kansas City to help out at a local veteran's organization. As for what happened next, Kugler shared a few words with Mashable: "We lingered at home for nearly three months, working a little, trying to put the story together to share it. But it didn't feel complete. She was still here, with so much life left. So, when the chance came to give a bud a ride to North Carolina, I decided to finish the southern route and make it to the Keys, which we did!"

One thing's for sure, the photos will put a smile on anyone's face:

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