Your Favorite Winter Coat Brand Now Makes Adorable Puffer Vests for Dogs

Mixture of Moncler Dog Puffer Jackets
Photo: Moncler

Winters can be ruff.

That’s why your dog needs something cozy and cute to keep it warm when the weather turns cold.

Dark Blue Moncler Dog Puffer Jackets

Luxury sportswear brand Moncler, in collaboration with Poldo Dog Couture, has designed some sporty and chic puffer vests exclusively for your beloved pooch to wear all winter long.

The vests, which are designed based on some of Moncler’s more popular lacquered nylon puffer coats for humans, are not only stylish, but also fit all standard dog sizes from the tiniest puppies to the biggest hounds.

The “Mondog” vests retail for $450 and come in red, orange, dark blue, dark green, and black. Despite looking like a big, puffy coat you might see on a person in the dead of winter, Moncler’s design is light and nonrestrictive.

Red Moncler Dog Puffer Jackets

The product’s description boasts that the vest is perfect for “traversing the city or playing in the snow with four-legged friends.”

Animal lovers can shop these vests for their fashionable furry friends on the Moncler website.

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