This $27 Backseat Cover Prevents Your Dog From Shedding All Over the Car During Road Trips

The inside of my car has never been cleaner.

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iBuddy Dog Truck Back Seat Covers
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

In 2019, my fiancé, Kurt, and I made two major decisions: buying a car, and adopting a dog. Soon after Dieter (the car) and Ellie (the dog) came into our lives, we decided to take our first road trip with our pup, putting a blanket down in the backseat to prevent pet hair from getting everywhere. Spoiler alert: It didn't work. At all.

By the time we arrived at our destination, the blanket had been thrown on the floor, and Dieter's previously pristine cushions were covered in so much hair that it looked like we had two dogs, not one. Ellie, of course, seemed perfectly content, completely unaware of the chaos she'd just wrought. Not wanting to spend hours of our lives after every drive vacuuming up the backseat, Kurt and I knew we needed another solution.

We tried multiple blankets, towels, whatever we could think of, yet despite our best efforts, nothing stopped the pet hair from piling up. But a year or so after that first trip, Kurt stumbled across a backseat car hammock by iBuddy that promised full coverage and a comfortable, durable seat for its canine users. Its availability on Amazon and $27 price tag certainly didn't hurt, either. So we bought it — and after our very first use, we were absolutely sold.

iBuddy Dog Truck Back Seat Covers
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $27

First things first, the nylon hammock was as big as promised, covering not just the cushions, but some of the floor, too, which was especially useful since Ellie liked to spread out on longer trips. (This was before we bought her a much-needed seatbelt, but that's another story.) It even came with side flaps, meant to prevent scratches when a dog is getting in and out of the car. It was also super easy to install, hooking tightly over the front and back headrests with quick-release clips to form that hammock shape and prevent slippage.

As for its actual purpose — preventing pet hair — it totally exceeded our expectations. Despite Ellie roaming all over the backseat during our car ride, only a few stray hairs remained on the cushions once we took off the cover. We were also thrilled to see how comfortable our girl seemed resting on it throughout the drive, even occasionally propping her head up on the elevated part of the cushion, closest to our seats, to get some pets as she slept. See the photos below for adorable proof:

iBuddy Dog Truck Back Seat Covers
Courtesy of Rachel Simon

Since buying the cover, we've used it countless times, taking it out of the car only when we've needed to fit human passengers in the back or felt it was time for a good cleaning (it can go in the washing machine and air dry). Even with so many uses, it's stayed in great shape, with no real rips or long-lasting stains thanks to its durable, waterproof layers.

Truly, the hammock is one of the best pet-related purchases we've ever made, saving us hours of cleaning time and making our road trips with Ellie stress-free. And clearly, we're not the only one who feels this way; on Amazon, the cover has hundreds of stellar reviews from other pet owners who can attest to its high quality. One person even wrote, "Our dog loves it so much he already pooped on it."

Hey, at least it's washable!

iBuddy Dog Truck Back Seat Covers
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $39

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