Yes, chicken.

Monique the sailing chicken
Credit: Guirec Soudée via

French sailor Guirec Soudée does not pay his First Mate, Monique, for helping out on his journey across the Atlantic Ocean, but he does make sure she gets plenty of seeds and grubs to eat. In return, she keeps him supplied with a steady stream of fresh eggs. That's because Monique is a chicken.

The unlikely shipmates first met in 2013 when they both found themselves in the Canary Islands. Soudée was intrigued by the flightless bird and decided to bring her along on his next voyage, so he would have fresh food (eggs, not chicken) while he crossed the sea, according to Metro.

In May 2014, the seafaring duo set sail across the Atlantic traveling to St. Barts, a journey Soudée documented on his blog Voyage D’Yvinec and Facebook page. During the 28-day voyage, Monique earned her sea legs quickly and, according to Soudée, she never suffered from sea sickness. It’s not clear how one recognizes sea sickness in a chicken, but Monique must have been feeling alright as she laid an impressive 25 eggs during the trip.

Once they landed in the Caribbean, Soudée got a job at a windsurfing club, while Monique took it easy, learning to swim, paddle, and surf. But then they decided to set sail for harsher climes. In June 2015, they set sail for Greenland, arriving two months later and roosting for the winter in a fjord. (The photos of Monique in the snow are priceless.)

Now that the winter is over, Soudée and his stalwart chicken are heading back out to sea. Guirec has written a children’s books about traveling with a chicken. The Transatlantic Voyage of Monique is set to be released in France this summer.