Yes, you can visit, and yes, you can adopt.

By Corina Quinn
April 07, 2016
Costa Rica Dog Safe Place Haven
Credit: GARNIER BBDO via

The internet is exploding right now as we all collectively swoon over this wonderful, wonderful place: Costa Rica’s Territorio de Zaguates, a canine nirvana that takes in stray dogs, cares for them, nurtures them, and welcomes visitors who may want to adopt them.

Britain’s Daily Mail recently covered the privately funded operation, which is run by volunteers. More than 900 animals live at the sanctuary, the article says, where the dogs have free reign of glorious countryside under near-perennial sun—and there are heart-warming pictures of wagging tails, wet noses, and pink tongues to prove it.

Visitors are welcome to come see it for themselves, and to adopt any pups that seem perfect for their home. To get a better picture and to learn more about Territorio de Zaguates, check out their video below. (Warning: you might want to check out our tips for traveling with pets before you go.)