By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
May 19, 2016
Hero Images Inc.

Whether it’s dressing our dogs in clothes, taking them with us wherever we go, or telling them about our day as if they can understand, many dog owners go out of their way to treat their canine companions like human children. So, it seems only appropriate to have a festival dedicated to them.

BarkFest 2016, described as "Coachella for dogs," is coming to New York City this weekend. On May 22, Manhattan’s Pier 97 will be taken over, marking the world’s biggest festival for dogs and their families. Like the California desert music festival, BarkFest will come complete with a main stage of performers, food tents, tech demonstrations, and lounges.

And of course Fido version of Coachella wouldn’t be complete with out some appearances by celebrities. Internet famous Marnie (@MarnieTheDog), Tuna (@TunaMeltsMyHeart) and Crusoe (@crusoe_dachshund) are all expected to attend and meet with fans.

As is the case with any major festival, humans will need a designated wristband that range in access from general admission to VIPup.

No more than two dogs per adult are allowed and dogs over six months old must be spayed or neutered.