This Luxury Cat Hotel in the UK Is Offering Free Board for Pets of Sick Owners (Video)

Hotel Cat in doing its part for the community.

As coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads throughout the world., more people are anxious about what happens if they need to go to the hospital.

Not only can hospitalization be scary in general, but there are also other factors people need to think about, including finances, caring for their family, and of course, their pets.

In the U.K. at least, there is some hope for people who need to make sure their fur babies are taken care of. Hotel Cat, located in the village of Sway, Hampshire, is offering free boarding to cats if their owner needs to stay in the hospital, according to Metro.

Finding a pet sitter in such uncertain times, especially if you have tested positive for COVID-19, can be very tricky. While the CDC claims that animals spreading COVID-19 to humans is rare, it’s enough to make people steer clear of any risk of getting sick, however remote.

“We decided to offer a free service because we want to reach those who are living on their own who are desperately worried about their cat,” said Hotel Cat’s owner, Jackie Ferrier, to Metro. “We want to help the people who wouldn’t go to [the] hospital and who would refuse hospital care because they are worried about their cat. Those are the people we are trying to help.”

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Hotel Cat is a converted barn on Ferrier’s property with eight luxurious suites that cost up to £36 (about $42 USD) a day. The largest suite measures about 348 square feet and are decked out with beds, cat trees, furniture, food and water bowls, and even decor themes. For instance, there is a “French-style” room that is inspired by the French seaside, a beach house-style room complete with fishy decor and pillows, and an “African savannah” inspired suite with lots of plush surfaces covered in animal-print fabrics.

“All of our eight suites have been tastefully decorated to top hotel standards and there are no bars or mesh, just glass doors, and double glazed windows so all our guests have permanent visual stimulation,” said Ferrier to Metro. “All our guests have china bowls and drink only fresh spring water from our own supply. We also have a fine dining menu for special treats.”

Overall, it seems like an excellent and safe place for your cat to stay while you recover.

For more information about the hotel, visit the Hotel Cat website.

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