We know, this is an impossible task.

Travel Instagram Dogs
Credit: Marianna Chiaraluce; Courtesy of Loki the Wolfdog

Let's kick this off by sharing that all dogs are glorious creatures. But dogs who travel? We have a special place in our hearts for those pups. There are so many of them across Instagram, but there are two we're particularly obsessed with right now: Miami Traveller Dog and Loki the Wolfdog.

Trust us: They're just as cute as their names make them sound.

Loki the Wolfdog

Loki is a husky/wolf/malamute, and we are completely in love. It helps that his human, Kelly Lund, is a great photographer (you can follow him at @shark_toof on Instagram). This pup has been photographed everywhere from the national parks of Oregon and the beaches of San Francisco to the Long Beach Grand Prix and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

It gets even better: this dog has merch. You can buy Loki the Wolfpup T-shirts, mugs, canvas prints, and — wait for it — a Loki calendar. Yes, please.

Miami Traveller Dog

This tiny fur baby travels a lot — and from all around Italy (his homebase) to New York City and Miami, he casually drops new drool-worthy vacation photos with the best of them.

Once in a while, you'll get a true present when he posts a photo donning a really cute dog outfit (cue collective "awwwwww"). We've only got one question after spending some time on Miami's account: Why don't we live in Italy?

Ok, we want to know: Which one is your favorite globetrotting pup? Cast your vote below!