Just keep swimming, tiny fish.

When this fish’s owner in Sweden noticed their sweet, little pet couldn’t stay afloat in its tank, the owner took measures to help the animal by building it a homemade “custom wheelchair.”

The owner told Business Insider that the fish could not swim and that it was stuck at the bottom of the tank due to its swim bladder being damaged.

Swim bladder damage is actually quite common in aquarium fish. It’s most common in goldfish and betta fish, and can produce a variety of symptoms. Fish with the disorder can have swollen bellies or curved spines, be stuck at the bottom or tops of their tanks, float upside down, or swim with their tails higher than their heads.

The fish’s clever harness was made with some twist ties and a few pieces of cork, so it could swim straight as well as float. While it looks ingenious, it seems fish harnesses are kind of a thing.