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You share your life with your pets, so why shouldn’t you share pet-friendly travel with them, too? Many rules and regulations shape the experience of traveling with your furry companion, so let Travel + Leisure’s editors and contributors help you navigate the easiest routes, the best hotels, and the most convenient solutions so that, wherever you go, so can your pet.Pet-Friendly VacationsWhether you are looking for a trip that’s dog-friendly, cat-friendly, or guinea pig-friendly, T+L has the lowdown on the best of pet-friendly holidays. Does your animal love spending ample time outside? Vacation rentals by the beach, lakes, or the mountains offer the perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors together. Would they be more satisfied being pampered inside? Pet-friendly hotels often provide services like pet sitting, dog walking, or litter changing to ensure your animal companion stays safe and well-cared for while you are out on the town.Flying with PetsTraveling with pets can be serious business—several animals have been lost or hurt while traveling by air—but flying with pets need not be so dire so long as pet owners act with caution. The American Humane Association recommends that “puppies and kittens, sick animals, animals in heat, and frail or pregnant animals should not travel by air.” The Humane Society also advises against flying with pets that have “pushed-in” faces, including Persian cats, pugs, and bulldogs—breeds whose respiratory issues may increase during changes in air pressure mid-flight. Different airlines have different regulations governing pet transport, so checking ahead of time is essential.Looking to fly with Fido cross-country? Take your pot-bellied pig to Paris? Bring your cat camping? Research is critical, and T+L is here to help. Check back in for the latest rules and regulations, recommendations, and guides to traveling with all your loved ones.

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