How to Visit the Wonders of Peru and Machu Picchu From the Safety of Your Couch (Video)

See, taste, and smell the best of Peru with these engaging activities.

Climb to the top of Machu Picchu without leaving your comfy couch.

As many people are staying indoors to help combat coronavirus, they’re also finding ways to satisfy their wanderlust. Virtual tours of museums, national parks, tourist attractions, and even curated “trips” to destinations are all great ways to explore the world.

If you’re aching to get into the great outdoors, enjoy delicious food, and explore some ancient wonders, you can’t go wrong with Peru. Luckily, there are lots of ways to discover Peru while nestled safely inside your house

For people who want to see lots of natural wonders and visit Machu Picchu, YouVisit has a 360-degree experience that any traveler can enjoy. The experience even goes to the historic site’s highest point and provides information about architecture, history, and even an up-close look at some local alpacas. You can also find a number of other 360 degree experiences across Peru, including sights like ChanChan, Choquequirao, and Kuélap.

Or, if you have a grasp of the Spanish language, you can easily pop over to Peru’s Ministry of Culture website and explore artifacts in museums throughout the country. Peruvian hotel group Inkaterra also has an online soundtrack with eight authentic Peruvian songs for anyone who is interested in the country’s indigenous music.

Machu Picchu Inca Ruins in the first morning light, no tourists around
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As for the tastes and smells of Peruvian cuisine, you can actually find amazing recipes you can recreate at home, including local favorites like lomo saltado (a stir-fried beef dish), papa a la huancaína (a potato and cheese dish), and solterito de quinoa (a simple quinoa salad). Aqua Expeditions, a luxury river cruise brand, also has online culinary masterclasses on Facebook. Or, enjoy your next virtual happy hour with a Chilcano, a traditional Peruvian cocktail made of Pisco, ginger ale, and lime juice.

Kids can even enjoy all the wonders of Peru. Inkaterra has created a new website specifically for at home activities for families, including a free, downloadable activity book entitled "Coco the Andean Bear."

And if you just want to sit back and relax, you can enjoy the various documentaries about Peru on Netflix, including an episode of Chef’s Table with Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez of Central Restaurant in Lima (volume 3, episode 6). Or try some full-length documentaries like "Peru - Hidden Treasure (Tesoro Escondido)," "Pacificum: Return to the Ocean," and "Pachamama."

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