Glamp Under the Perseid Meteor Shower With This Once-in-a-lifetime Experience in Washington

The stars are shining in Washington State just for you.

Crystal Mountain Resort in Washington State is teaming up with Under Canvas to bring travelers one of the coolest camping experiences of the summer.

From July 1 to Sept. 31, 2021, groups of travelers will have the chance to buy out the entire campsite at Crystal Mountain Resort, known as Crystal Camp, for special events or simply for a vacation to remember. But, that's not all. Crystal Camp is now also offering individuals two opportunities to experience the campsite with its Mountain Escape and Perseid Meteor Shower packages. With both packages, guests will get to immerse themselves in nature and spend a few very special nights under the stars. Here's what you need to know about both events.

Mountain Escape — July 2-6

Leave the hustle and bustle behind for an epic 4th of July escape. The all-inclusive glamping retreat has "staggering views and inspiring activities for the whole group." Guests will sleep in an upscale, safari-inspired tent that comes completely furnished in between taking part in activities like hiking, yoga, and stargazing using the camp's high-powered telescope.

Package options include two nights in a single tent for up to two guests at $1,980 plus tax, or a two-night single tent rental for three guests at $2,880 plus tax. Tickets can be booked here.

Perseid meteors visible over milky way background in region near Cygnus constellation
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Perseid Meteor Shower —August 6-12

In August, travelers can "get a front-row seat to the Perseid meteor shower at this all-inclusive remote glamping retreat." The getaway includes all meals using mountain-foraged ingredients and Pacific Northwest seafood, guided treks, and more. Package options include one night, single tent rentals for up to two guests at $990 plus tax or one night, or a single tent rentals for up to three guests at $1, 440 plus tax. Tickets can be booked here.

These are the only two leisure travel opportunities to experience the camp this summer, outside of group bookings, so make sure to snag your spot ASAP.

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