Only 25 percent of Americans have passports, a statistic that recently prompted Congress to approve a National Passport Month. To mark the occasion, T+L asked 100 travelers how they use their blue books

Christy Serio, of Buffalo, N.Y.
She will try out her first passport on a trip to Spain.

Tristan Parker, born in Japan
He got his passport when he was two days old.

Keith Holmes, California native
"I'm planning a trip to Trinidad and the Bahamas."

Kathleen Heimann, of St. Louis
"My new passport is almost empty—I'll fill it soon."

47 percent of travelers polled like their passport photo.
50 percent got a passport before turning 20.
40 percent have traveled to Europe, and 10 percent have used a passport as ID in the Caribbean.
(Starting in January 2007, the State Department will require air and sea travelers to and from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda to carry a passport.)
47 percent have used their passport within the last three months.
36 percent use their passport for international travel every couple of years.