Last year, my kids invited one friend each over for a slumber party. I walked them to Economy Candy with exactly $7.50 to spend on “refreshments” for the evening, ordered a pizza, and let them stay up late for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. By all accounts, the party was a wild success. One kid got sick from washing down Sour Patch candies with milk (Who would have guessed there was anything as natural as citrus powder in candy?) and one kid fell off the sofa laughing, both of which events have provided fodder for a million jokes. I share this party-planning success story not because I see myself as the next Colin Cowie, but to illustrate that it doesn’t take a lot to excite most kids.

That said, the Plaza Hotel has a Live Like Eloise slumber party package for up to six children that costs upwards of $3,700.

The party includes overnight accommodations in a suite, with two complimentary roll-aways! Plus some Eloise DVD's accompanied by Eloise's favorite movie snacks! Plus some Super Duper sundaes delivered by room service! And six copies of an Eloise book! And six $25 gift cards to the new Eloise Shop at The Plaza! Adult supervision is required at all times, so book a nanny (just like Eloise’s absentee parents)! The hotel requires only 24-hour notice for this Eloise extravaganza, so if you forget your kid’s birthday until the last minute and have $3,700 in the swear jar, this party could go far in assuaging filial hard feelings!

As a celebrated event-planner, I would advise the Plaza to get moving on a Gossip Girls sleepover package before The Standard beats them to the punch.

Ann Shields is a senior online editor at Travel + Leisure.