Hipster types may call a city "gritty" as a way of explaining how cool, artsy and authentic it is. Other folks, meanwhile, may translate that as meaning that the city streets are covered with graffiti and litter, and that even the park squirrels seem to smoke a pack a day.

That may not be the case in Atlanta for long, as the city just passed an ordinance saying that no one—not even residents with cute fluffy tails—can smoke in the parks anymore.

Even so, Atlanta still landed in the top 5 of the 20 dirtiest cities in America, according to Travel + Leisure readers. But which city won the survey—making travelers wish they'd packed more hand sanitizer? (Hint: it's a past champion, whose locals also won the survey for being surly.)

Another cleanliness-challenged city, Las Vegas just passed its own ordinance saying that those guys handing out fliers on the Strip now have to clean up after themselves every 15 minutes. Here's hoping Hotlanta and Sin City both tidy up their rankings for next year's survey.

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