“I’m the best packer in the world,” says Diane von Furstenberg. “When you approach it intelligently, you really can bring everything you need.” And now the woman who invented the ultra-portable wrap dress has created a whole line inspired by travel: La Petite Valise, which debuted in June at the Torrigiani Gardens in Florence. In creating the prints, von Furstenberg tapped into designs used in luxe hotels, such as London’s Claridge’s and Venice’s Gritti Palace, and images of passport pages. We asked for her top five tips.

Go lightly

“I always have the lightest suitcase.” Von Furstenberg has one trick for packing couture: “Roll up ball gowns and put them in stockings. You can actually squeeze them down to the shape of a salami. They are perfect and unwrinkled when you unpack them.”

Include a splash of color

To spruce up a pared-down wardrobe, bring bold colors and patterns, like this silk scarf. “Paying attention to small details, like a scarf or a bracelet, allows you to mix up your looks and stretch your outfits out over several days.”

Carry a big handbag

After you’ve packed everything into your carry-on, don’t forget a handbag—a great place to stash the items you’ll need on the flight. “I take vitamins and homeopathic remedies, so I have a lot of little bottles. I always put them in my large purse.”

Mix it up

Take along primary-color stripes and black-and-white geometric shapes that can easily be mixed and matched. “Before you even start packing, think of what you’ll be doing on the trip. Hang up your clothes and see how you can combine them. Then edit it down.”

Bring jersey

“This is the material that looks best after a long flight. I travel with a lot of jersey dresses. They are perfect no matter where you’re going and never wrinkle. You can dress them up or down, and that’s what you want in a travel outfit.”