Question that I get asked all the time: I have a digital point-and-shoot camera that I like, but I want to take my photography to the next level. Can you recommend an easy-to-use DSLR camera that will take great images for years to come?

My new answer: The Nikon D5000.

I am really excited about this camera. It has a lot of the aspects you’d expect from Nikon: wonderful colors and metering, excellent image quality, sharp lens, HD video, but it has a new feature that really gets me—the flip-and-twist LCD screen.

As we all know, shooting in bright sunlight can often be a challenge. The screen is just so hard to read! (I can’t really read any screen in bright sunlight.) But if you use this LCD, you can tilt it into a position so that it is easier to see, thereby mitigating one of the most vexing problems of digital cameras used outdoors.

This is a welcome innovation for the travel photographer—one that will no doubt be replicated in other camera lines to come.

Whitney Lawson is a photo editor at Travel + Leisure.