As T+L's resident tennis guru, I feel compelled to blog that now is a great time to get US Open tickets. It's a month away!

The only grand-slam tennis tournament to be played at night under the lights, (despite Wimbledon's fancy new roof), New York City's tennis event is filled with lots of amazing distractions during the day in a beautiful venue, but really gets going after dark—just like the city itself. Here, an unscientific list of reasons to get your tickets now, before they sell out:

  • 10. Tickets to both day and evening sessions are affordable, starting at $48
  • 9. Thanks to some new budget hotels, staying in New York is now affordable, too
  • 8. This is world class tennis (look for a Federer-Nadal nail-biter in the final)
  • 7. Daytime tickets are still available for sections 301-304 of Arthur Ashe Stadium. (These coveted seats are in the shade during the whole day session.)
  • 6. One of the many perks for Amex cardholders is a free loan of a nifty hand-held "Vision" TV monitor that streams all the matches in play, with live commentary. It's awesome. (Disclosure: Travel + Leisure is owned by American Express.)
  • 5. Hometown hero John McEnroe is in the house.
  • 4. The
  • 3. U.S.
  • 2. Open
  • 1. Cocktail!

Whitney Lawson is a photo editor at Travel + Leisure.