Southwest Airlines—which once upon a time, sprang earnestly from a place called Love Field—is inspiring more ill will again.

A Tennessee woman has filed an $800,000 suit against the airline—$300,000 for medical damages, and $500,000 in punitive damages—after she says she was scalded by hot water during a flight from Nashville to Houston.

The suit says that a flight attendant served the plaintiff a piping-hot cup of water, which was precariously balanced in another cup that held a tea bag and sweetener packets. When the plaintiff tried to "extricate the tea bag," the tilted cup of hot water spilled, resulting in second-degree burns and scars to the plaintiff's, ahem, groin area.

First of all: Yowch!!! Second, we fear we may be on the road to room-temperature water bottles for everyone on Southwest, which may be getting leery of litigious beverage-seeking travelers. In March, two men sued the airline for unjustly invalidating their free-booze coupons. ("We've reached a point where being so flexible with drink coupons has put us in a position of having far too many in circulation," Southwest had previously announced.) Where, indeed, is the love?