Zion National Park in Southern Utah, is a spectacular place to hike. If you are considering a vacation there, and being completely immersed in the quiet, scrubby, gold and green desert with otherworldly red rock domes towering above sounds appealing, I recommend renting Los Gatos Cabin (below).

My husband and I rented the off-the-grid cabin for a week in mid-May—it was just what we were looking for. Los Gatos is fully equipped with kerosene lamps,gas stove, two refrigerators, stone fireplace, four bedrooms, onebathroom, three decks, one terrace and one screened porch, allsurrounded by miles of wilderness and the endless blue skies ofthe west.

Some days we hiked for four hours, others eight—even the immediate area around the property is pretty great as well. We could have happilystayed another week.

If you are afraid of the dark, or your computer is worn out, there is a generator, for electricity. We felt that after a full day of clambering on mountainsides, the brilliance of the stars was all the light we desired.

Katharine Van Itallie is the art director at Travel + Leisure.