Does relaxing on the beach give you an ulcer?Now there's an unexpected way to unwind—by going to work. Vocation Vacations, a six-month-old Oregon-based travel outfit, makes professional dreams come true. For two days, aspiring brewmasters can load barley and hops, wannabe vintners can crush grapes, and horse trainers-to-be can whisper commands to wayward steeds. The idea for the trips occurred to founder and former marketing director Brian Kurth when he was stuck in traffic imagining all the other things he could be doing. This spring, he will add chocolatiers and fishing guides; also in the works are programs for would-be sports announcers, cattle ranchers, and cheese makers. Though the trips are currently only in Oregon, "jobs" will soon be available in Washington and California, and eventually in Europe. Vocation Vacations; 866/888-6329;; packages from $379.
—Laura Shin