This New Map Shows Where and When to See the Best Fall Foliage Across New York State

Signs of autumnal colors have been spotted in the Catskills and Adirondacks.

Despite the first day of fall still being more than a week away, the first signs of autumn have been spotted in New York, according to the state's first Fall Foliage Report that was released last week.

The weekly reports, which will be released each Wednesday afternoon, are crowdsourced from volunteer leaf peepers around the state who submit the status of the color changes in their areas. The interactive map makes it easy to look for nearby attractions to best enjoy the foliage.

New York State fall foliage map
Courtesy of I Love NY

"New York State's 2021 fall foliage season is underway, with the first signs of the spectacular seasonal colors to come appearing in the Adirondacks and Catskills regions, according to volunteer observers for the Empire State Development Division of Tourism's I Love NY program," the first report notes. Other parts of the state have a 5% or less change this week, it adds.

One area with the most color change is around Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks. "The summer greens are starting the cycle to autumn brilliance with subtle traces of goldenrod and copper, and the soft maples are providing a patchy, rhubarb splatter," the color report for the Adirondacks notes, adding that it's expecting up to 10% color change this weekend.

Aerial view of the Adirondack mountains in autumn with the foliage
GabrielPevide/Getty Images

Other areas in the Adirondacks that are forecasted to hit that percentage include Lake Placid, Newcomb, and parts of Essex County, while Delaware County's Hamden in the Catskills also expects about a 10% color change, with shades of yellow starting to show.

The state also recognizes that this fall foliage season still comes with the realities of the pandemic. "I Love NY urges travelers to follow all COVID-related public health and safety guidelines while enjoying the foliage this season," the report says, pointing to a list of coronavirus travel resources.

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