While this robot is no Rosie, airlines are taking tips from the Jetsons with the SkyMax Skytender, an on-board robot bartender.

The Skytender trolley is similar to current airplane trolleys, but works as a mobile drink dispenser. The innovation can prepare up to 15 different drinks, from steaming mugs of coffee to iced tea, and even cocktails. Airlines can choose from over 100 different beverages and flavors, so plan to be surprised.

Flight attendants will be relieved of cracking open can after can of soda and juice. Now, a simple push is all it takes for that drink to go from a cart to your hand. SkyMax general manager, Oliver Kloth, says the system was successful on a recent test flight on German airline WDL Aviation: “…passengers were extremely pleased with the beverage options and most importantly the quality and speed of service.”

Not only will your drinks be delivered faster, but the Skytender will reduce waste by eliminating aluminum cans and bottles. Kloth also stated that airlines will save about $1,500 per month per trolley. Put that in perspective for Delta Airlines, who has over 700 planes in its fleet, and that equates to around $13 million per year. Robot bartenders do seem like the future with that kind of bonus. And who knows, maybe all those extra savings can turn into extra legroom for us!

Maria Pedone is a digital editorial intern at Travel + Leisure.