Everyone has a Thanksgiving travel horror story, don’t they? Heading “over the river and through the woods” takes longer and involves more encounters with the surly and stressed hoi polloi than it did when we traveled by sleigh with lap blankets.

Google has granted travelers a respite from watching people freak out in airports during our holiday layovers en route to grandmother’s house. The benevolent search-master is footing the bill for free WiFi in 47 U.S. airports around the country between now and January 15.

Just slip your laptop out of your carry-on, log on, tell them whether or not you want to use the new Chrome browser or select Google as your homepage, and float away from the overlit, undercleaned world of the airport for the back-lit, magical world of the Internet. Just don’t forget to listen to gate announcements.

See the list of participating airports here.

Ann Shields is an online senior editor at Travel + Leisure.