Wheat?Peanut?Dairy?Don't let allergies ground your family.

How do you travel with food allergies?

For parents of the 2.2 million school-age kids with food sensitivities, hitting the road is undeniably daunting. But Lynda Mitchell, creator of the online support group kidswithfoodallergies.org, has been traveling from the get-go with her son, Matt, now 17, whose allergies have included wheat, eggs, and milk. Here, her tips for filling up on the fly.

Talk to Your Airline

With advance notice, Delta won’t serve peanuts in the three rows in front of and behind an allergic passenger, Southwest will suspend peanut service on your flight, and Northwest doesn’t serve them at all.

Focus on Kindred Fare

If milk is the concern, think Japanese—it’s generally dairy-free. Avoiding nuts?Italian is your ticket (but steer clear of Thai). When planning foreign trips, choose countries by cuisine.

Keep a Stash

Order allergen-free munchies at divvies.com and gakssnacks.com.

Pick the Right Place to Play

Many resorts will customize restaurant meals, if you notify them ahead of time. Going to Atlantis, in the Bahamas?Phone the chef’s office (242/363-3000) first. Bound for Disney World?Call 407/939-3463—their pioneering special-diets program serves 8,000 allergy-safe meals a month.