There are currently 56 million grandparents in the United States, and not only are many of traveling, they’re hitting the road with very young companions—their grandchildren. Helena Koenig knows all about intergenerational duos—as founder of the tour company Grandtravel (, she has devoted the past 20 years to planning vacation itineraries for seniors and squirts. Koenig’s clients have snorkeled along the Great Barrier Reef and hiked Monument Valley with a Navajo guide. No matter where you roam, follow her tips for a truly successful grand tour.

Choose a Destination Together
Trips that build on common interests are most likely to succeed. A nature outing—a safari, a Galápagos cruise, or a Hawaiian adventure—is often a good bet.

Set Some Ground Rules
Before the trip, parents and grandparents need to discuss issues such as bedtime, spending money, and TV habits.

Share and Share Alike
Why bring two hair dryers, tubes of toothpaste, and alarm clocks?Decide ahead who will bring what—and you’ll both have plenty of room in your bags for souvenirs.