Courtesy of BP The Helios gas station in Los Angeles
| Credit: Courtesy of BP

It’s a traffic stopper—and not just for those who need to fill the tank. Over 1,600 panels of stainless steel give Helios House (8770 W. Olympic Blvd.;, the LEED-certified L.A. gas station owned by BP and designed by Boston firm Office dA, the look of a futuristic fueling dock. A planting bed on the roof absorbs CO2—of which Helios House has also reduced its output, thanks to 90 solar panels combined with the use of LED lighting. The HH Green Team spends as much time answering questions about the station and sharing eco-tips as they do pumping gas. Local response has been so positive, BP is looking to upgrade another station in a location yet to be announced. Might we propose a picnic area furnished with crushed Hummers and Escalades—and a significant discount for drivers of fuel-efficient cars?