Martha Camarillo Museum
| Credit: Martha Camarillo

New York’s ever-evolving art scene is headed to the once-gritty streets of Lower Manhattan’s Bowery district. The latest addition: the New Museum of Contemporary Art (235 Bowery; 212/219-1222;, which opens this month. Rising above the area’s storefronts, the seven-story stack of aluminum-clad boxes wrapped in silvery mesh is the design of Tokyo architects Sejima + Nishizawa/sanaa, whose Glass Pavilion structure at the Toledo Museum of Art won a 2007 T+L Design Award. The building has a transparent street-level façade that blurs the distinction between the outside and inside worlds. Upstairs, you’ll find three full-floor galleries; downstairs, a theater. The debut exhibit, "Unmonumental," features sculptures by 30 international artists, with new media, collage, and sound installations.