"It’s always better on holiday," goes the song by Scottish punk-pop heroes Franz Ferdinand. And front man Alex Kapranos —who moonlighted as a food columnist for the Guardian during two years of touring—knows a thing or two about eating on the road. A collection of his writings, Sound Bites (Penguin, $13), is in stores now. He saved a few choice words for T+L on in-flight teetotaling, airplane food, and the joys of taking off. SEAT GURU "I still travel coach most of the time—paying eight times as much for an extra three inches of legroom isn’t worth the money." JUST SAY NO "When stewardesses offer you free booze, you tend to knock it back—especially when you’re in a band—but drinking is the worst thing you can do on a plane. And that’s coming from somebody who really enjoys drinking." ON REFUELING "I never eat airline meals. Except on Korean Air—their food is really marvelous. Usually, I bring almonds or cranberries, something simple." WINGMAN "One of the greatest feelings in the world is being pushed back into your seat at takeoff—those first few seconds when you feel the anticipation being forced into your heart."