Fashion weeks are as ubiquitous as its attendees who wear their ever-escalating strappy platforms, trying to out-do the other in the insanity of their height. For the New York shows this September, the fashion herd took a ride uptown on the number 1 train to the elegant Lincoln Center, where the shows will now reside.

The residents of the area gawked at celebrities and the hoop-la that comes with Fashion Week. Photographers have taken to snapping photos of each other (or the little dogs that are dressed up). The local moms pushed baby strollers, indignant that their routines were interrupted, looking at Rachael Zoe and her husband walking arm-and-arm (and probably going to the Karl Lagerfeld luncheon).

There were many bright moments in the Spring 2011 collections, but I'm always happy to attend Michael Kors' show. There is no stretch of my imagination about how to incorporate the clothing into the pages of Travel + Leisure. Seemingly, Michael’s approach to life, clothes and what to do with your time is in tune with that of T+L and myself. The first adjective that comes to mind is “upbeat.” I know—it's a banal word, but Michael demands that we leave in a good mood. Life is good, life is great, life is a beach! I even begin to love the music—usually some old pop song that I long ago forgot to hate. Male and female models actually come out smiling, for gosh sakes!

For Spring 2011, it was all about easy luxury; flat strappy sandals with everything, even beaded, loose-fitting evening pants. Bucket hats are back and so are buffalo sandals. Crisp white shirts pared with a textured green skirt that reminds one of grass. Tissue cashmere knits in bright white, and among the choice of skirt lengths is the new “tea length” all styled in a breezy manner. I can imagine wearing it on a beach in Martinique or walking along the cobblestones of Sienna, Italy.

A big thank you to Michael Kors for a dose of sunshine and feelgood fashion that I have grown to love. I hope to be walking on a beach at sunset with one of those deliciously thin cashmere pullovers and a bucket hat.

Mimi Lombardo is Travel + Leisure's Fashion Director.

Photo courtesy of Michael Kors.