Launched in beta last week, the new hotel booking website with the memorable name,, challenges its growing list of top hotels to entice a new breed of traveler—wannabe VIPs—with luxe amenities, everything from complimentary Wi-Fi and valet parking to guaranteed upgrades and champagne.

This “Catch Me If You Can” approach is the first of its kind for a travel site, and given how many travelers nowadays already expect special treatment, the future of this free members-only site looks bright. But let’s take a closer look.

Going by first impressions, the site has a shiny simplicity—it’s clear how to use the service—and it invites exploration through gorgeous hotel photography. Other booking sites take note: Galleries go beyond thumbnails to deliver large juicy don’t-you-want-to-stay-here imagery. And because only works with top properties (think Fairmont, Oberoi, Orient-Express, Peninsula), every option looks pretty darn good. It’s thankfully pre-curated.


Pros: The nifty visual reshuffling of search results based on your amenities selection. Users will either love the photo-driven search, or wish they could see the hotel name without rolling over the image.
More feedback when the system returns zero results would be helpful (choose new dates, etc.). Same goes for the amenity selector “sliders.”

Hotel Info

Pros: Slideshows, slideshows, slideshows.
The hotel info pop-up could benefit from additional tactical information, such as neighborhood designations and maps. We’d also like more details in the “Amenities” tabs.


Pros: The site claims to guarantee the best available room rate. When we did do a web-wide search for Shangri-La Santa Monica, for example,’s nightly rate of $335 bested the lowest rate of $365 from other aggregator and OTA sites for the dates we chose. Unlike other platforms, hotel do not pay a fee to participate with, which also charges less commission on sales—savings that are passed on to the traveler in the form of all kinds of added extras.
It’s not immediately clear that you have to click on the “Rooms” tab for pricing information. Since is a hotel booking site, we might suggest making that key information more top level.

We’re looking forward to more popular destinations (right now there are 24, including London, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami); an even bigger choice of fabulous properties to choose from; and evolving functionality around booking and perks—all of which are already on the radar of the company’s executive team and board, which consists of more than a few power resumes in Travel and Silicon Valley. Look for 200 additional new luxury hotels by year’s end.

We may not all be celebrities, but now we can travel like one with, minus the paparazzi, of course.

Adrien Glover is the deputy digital editor at Travel + Leisure.